The glove manufacturer from Beihai.

The company was founded by Mr Hunter Lee in 1998 in the town Beihai in the south west part of China, close to the Vietnam boarder. Beihai is situated in Guangxi province well known for the very best quality pig leather. It was a perfect place starting glove production, also in mind we find skilled craftsmanship and a tradition of producing quality gloves in this area.

Today Laborsing have more than 4000 workers and the production of gloves exceeds 25 million pairs yearly. The design of gloves has changed over the years and today's customers want modern design with high demands onfunctionality andprotection. Here L aborsing has taken an active part, and over the years introduced new models to customers as market requirements change.- Our certificates

Other requirements such as quality assurance, reduced environmental impact and fair working conditions have been prioritized in the company. In 1999, as the first glove company, Laborsing received the 9001 - certification. Today Laborsing is also certified by ISO14001 and SA 8000. Learn more about our certification - Our certificates