The glove manufacturer from Beihai.


Toyota production system
To stay competitive in today's market place we must understand customers' wants and needs and design processes to meet their expectations and requirements. The Toyota Production System (TPS) also called Just in Time (JIT) system or LEAN is our way to produce the best possible gloves which also gives you as a customer, consistent correct quality, shorter lead time and the possibility of having fewer products in stock.

Standardization is the key.
A standard in TPS is a description of the best now known and accepted way to perform a task, store material, handling transport, control production etc. A Standard is valid until a new and more effective solution has been agreed. This means a standard within Lean should be changed whenever necessery.

Three main objectives within TPS.
Reach highest quality, within shortest leadtime at the lowest cost. This is what Laborsing is aiming for and will not be satisfied until getting there.

Ten rules to achieve excellent efficiencywithin the TPS manufacturing system.
1 .Eliminate waste
2. Minimize inventory
3. Maximize flow
4. Pull production from customer demand
5 .Meet customer requirements
6. Do it right the first time
7. Empower workers
8. Design for rapid change over
9. Partnership with suppliers
10. Create a culture of continuous improvements