The glove manufacturer from Beihai.


Designed by Laborsing
Design of gloves is much more than nice looking gloves It is also about, safety, function comfort trends and cost.We have been designing and manufacturing gloves for workers, gardeners, DIY, sportsmen and others for over 15 years and know what is required.


Brands is our specialty
Over 90% of our production is branded gloves. Designed by our customers ore in close cooperation with our design team. Safety, Function, Comfort, Trends and Cost are all taken into consideration when developing the gloves

  First priority
When we develop a new glove model, we begin by asking what kind of prote- ction needed at work or activity. Does the glove protect against the risks I`m exposed forNext step is to look into functional -ities and what material is most appropriatefor achi- eving best possible glove.
    Total cost
There is always possibility to develope the models in different versions. Depend- ing on customers demand of functions and request of performance.Functional m- aterial from world class br- ands/ manufactures or ma- ybe other material is good enough for the gloves yourequest.