The glove manufacturer from Beihai.



One manufacturer lower your cost

We know the models that customers require and how to makethem. We know how to control quality and how to support you in design, packing, purchasing and new developments.

We offer:

One Stop Manufacturing World Class Manufacturing SystemCertificate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000 Retail Sales ConceptJoint developments of new collectionsHigh technical level and modern equipment

We are sure that you can make more profitable business throughcooperation, common development and buying gloves from us. Contact our sales team for a presentation of ourtotal business suggestion..


Garden & DIY – expo

You find the models manufactured by us. Maybe youwant to t add your logos or design and change materials. We have solutions for this and can customize according to your demands..

Yes we can support you with different display stands. Please contact our sales team.